About Me

About Me

Toby Baillon

Audio Visual specialist and producer – Toby Baillon spent over 30 years in London working in the conference industry producing large corporate conference events for the likes of British Telecom, Gallaher (JTI), IBM, Everest, ISS, Prudential, Barclays, Glaxo SmithKline… as a producer, director and script writer. Specializing in large events with audiences of 200 or more delegates and where large screen projection plays a central role in supporting the communication.

“Bringing words and pictures together to speak volumes about their business”


  • Born in Venezuela

  • Educated in Britain

  • Resident in the Canary Islands

  • A fluent English and Spanish speaker

  • Studied Tourism at Bristol

  • Interested in art and technology


Economic and political uncertainties create havoc in corporate confidence – resulting in budget cuts. The resulting ups and downs drove Toby to seek an alternative way to create stable income. In October 2001, four weeks after the 9/11 shockwave, Toby found a network marketing business. 14 years later it provides a regular income which allows him to make choices about where he lives and what he does. Still an active producer of audio visual material, he is focused on “income streams” rather than a job or career.

“It’s simple – all you need is enough – and if you have enough you can be happy.  And happiness is the ultimate measure of success.” – Toby Baillon.

Even before I joined Spectrum Communications in London in 1979 I’d been an interpreter, a model and carried the camera bags on a location shoot with Media during the production of Expo Tenerife.

So it wasn’t surprising that I had a keen interest in projection. I had even been the school projectionist showing 16mm film in the gym on a Saturday night.

I spent several years on the road setting up conference sets, projecting 35mm slides (with dissolve units) and operating sound and lighting – a sort of one-man-band. Drifting into multi-projector programming with Electrosonic, AVL and finally Dataton.

In 1986 I left Spectrum to form my own production company – Talking Frames, which later became Talking Presentations – with the technical subsidiary Roadshow Audio Visual.

These ventures were eventually amalgamated into MCB (the Marketing Communication Business) with Bill Price and Beulah Smith (Killick) in Westbourne Grove, and I became a sole trading consultant – TobyOne.

In 2011, with a string of successful events for major market leading clients behind me, I moved to Tenerife in the Canary Islands to spend what was to be the last year of my father’s life with him.

Not surprisingly I chose not to return to the hurly-burly life in London. Here I have found my peace, and I travel to the UK at regular intervals, maintaining excellent relations with many of my clients.

In paradise I have found the space to write creatively, produce productively and live fabulously. And this only enhances what I can offer my clients, with better quality work and further value for money.

Live event production is a bit like being an air traffic controller. When something goes wrong and at some point it surely must, it’s what you do next that matters.

In the end, experience counts.


Live for today.
Follow your star.

If I could only give you one gift, a present – it would be “Live for Today, Follow your star.” For one day it will all be over. If that sounds a little depressing, I am sorry. It is important to do whatever you do, as best as you can, as soon as you can. And happiness will be the true measure of your success. I mean it is a better measure than money or lifestyle.

I hope that you too have had the good fortune to do many things well in your life. I know I have done and as well as I could. If you haven’t then maybe I can pass on a little hard-won experience, help you to be a modern-day thriving survivor, and help you to get out of the daily misery that we can see happening all around us.

I advocate having a few different ways to make money. Why? Because we live in an uncertain world where we don’t know what’s going to happen next and when it does happen it happens fast, faster than ever before. And if we can’t have control then the next best option is choices.

Toby Baillon